Governor John Bel Edwards

In his first term as governor, John Bel Edwards inherited the largest budget deficit in the state’s history. After years of hard work, he and a bipartisan group of legislators worked together to stabilize Louisana’s budge for the first time in a decade.

On his first day in office, Gov. Edwards expanded Medicaid. As a result more than 450,000 working Louisianans now have access to care. That access to care has cut our uninsured rate by more than half, saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars, created thousands of jobs, and kept our rural hospitals open. But most importantly, it’s saved lives.


Willie Jones

Candidate for Lt. Governor

I will bring diversity, bold new leadership and a fresh New Vision to the Lt. Governor’s Office. Promote tourism, culture, recreatin and parks within as well as outside of the State of Louisana. I will bring innovative solutions to our environmental problems facing our seafood industry.

Gwen Collins Greenup - Sec of State 01.JPG

Gwen Collins-Greenup Candidate Secretary of State

I'm Gwen Collins-Greenup and I'm running for Louisiana Secretary of State. Change doesn’t happen overnight. But we’ve proven that when Louisianans work together, positive change can happen. After 20 years of leading positive change in businesses, nonprofits, and government, I want to work with you to lead positive change in our Secretary of State's Office.From class president to CEO to governor, we’ve been choosing leaders that we believe will work to create better schools, workplaces, and communities. With your vote, you can choose a Secretary of State that will work to create a better Louisiana by increasing voter participation, protecting voting rights and elections, supporting small businesses, and empowering the next generation.

I’ve done it in businesses, nonprofits, and government. And with your vote, I’ll work to lead positive change everywhere in Louisiana.