Here is how your donations help.
You might be surprised…

Let’s admit it - there is way too much money in politics. But until there is major reform across both parties, it will remain this way. Unless a candidate is wealthy and willing to fund their own campaign, candidates are desperate for your donations. St. Tammany DPEC accepts donations and the more we receive, the more we can do to directly help Democratic candidates in races up and down the ballot. In addition to supporting candidates, we also support Democratic messaging throughout our Parish. This is very important due to the overwhelming amount of Republican messaging that happens throughout this Parish. Without getting our message out, the numbers of Republican voters continues to grow.

Your donations are the fuel that makes a campaign happen. I will provide a scenario - this is only an example so keep in mind some effective campaigns can be run for far less, and some require far more:

Depending on the seat a candidate is running for, odds are the biggest expense is getting known by the voters. There are meet and greets, town halls, canvassing, direct mail, yard signs, banners, social media promotions, and other ways to get your message out. Everything requires money when the groups meeting are larger than 20 (depending on the host’s home). Having events costs money in rent and insurance and then you need marketing materials. Canvassing requires renting voter files from the State Democratic Party and this costs a lot of money. Direct mail is $10,000 for 7,000 pieces. In a race where you need to message to 35,000 people - it’s $50,000 for one mailer. And it usually takes at least two mailers to have an effect. Yard signs around $4 each - hand out 250 and you’ve just spent $1,000. Want to hand out materials when you meet people? That’s another $1500. And on and on. And we haven’t mentioned staff - a candidate needs an effective staff with experience. A campaign manager could be $3000 - $6000 per month. So a typical 6 month campaign, covering a broad area, runs about $12,000 a month. For six months you expect to spend $72,000. This is not a small local race and not a Congressional District size race either - think City Council or a State House race. Everyone’s campaign is different and amounts spent can be all over the place but giving people some idea of what a race costs is important to understand.

How much money and where it comes from can also signal how broad the candidate’s support is within the State and National parties — and this gets noticed by other donors, mega-donors, PACs, media, other elected-officials, who then decide to support the candidate. Unfortunately, one of the first questions asked of a candidate when gauging their potential is “how much have you raised”? We look forward to the day when this is the rarity, not the norm. If you find a candidate, or an organization, that you think expresses your values and you want them to do their best - please consider making them a donation.

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