Statewide Candidates



John Bel Edwards

In his first term as governor, John Bel inherited the largest budget deficit in the state’s history. After years of hard work, he and a bipartisan group of legislators worked together to stabilize Louisiana’s budget for the first time in a decade. In addition, his tenure as governor…


Willie Jones #10 Candidate for Lt. Governor

Gwen Collins Greenup - Sec of State 01.JPG

Gwen Collins-Greenup # Secretary of State

Win with Gwen


Derrick Edwards Candidate # State Treasurer

On October 12, 2019, Elect the Most Qualified Candidate Attorney Derrick Edwards for Louisiana State Treasurer. Attorney Derrick Edwards is the only candidate with a Bachelor and Masters in Accounting from Tulane University and a Law Degree. His platform consists of: 1. Accountability and Transparency so that you know exactly how your tax dollars are being spent and a quarterly report from the State Treasurer's office. 2. Bring Unclaimed Property into the 21st century by giving back over $800 million of Unclaimed Property back to the people of Louisiana within my first 4 years when elected. 3. Improve Louisiana Bond Rating from a AA rating to a AAA rating. Elect the Most Qualified Candidate that will get the job done.


Marguerite Green Candidate # Commissioner of Agriculture

Fighting for a stronger food and farm economy, a real plan for climate change and criminal justice reform with recreational cannabis.